Delayed Naturalisation Applications (Judicial Review)

If your Irish naturalisation application has been unlawfully delayed, you could be entitled to bring a Judicial Review. This is when you ask the High Court to challenge the decision-making processes of the immigration service.

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Are you waiting for a decision on your citizenship application?

Those applying for Irish citizenship by naturalisation often face lengthy delays, thanks largely to a backlog in the system. Understandably, this will cause a significant amount of stress. You may feel stuck in limbo, not able to move forward with the next stage of your life until the application has been processed. It can also be an anxious wait, as you do not know if your application will be successful or rejected. This makes it very difficult to plan for the future.

Speak to our solicitors about an excessive delay

If you have submitted a naturalisation application and have been waiting years for a decision, then you should be told why there’s such a delay. If there isn’t a valid reason, then the actions of the immigration service could be deemed unlawful. This would allow you to bring a Judicial Review in the High Court.

If you think this could apply to your case, contact our Irish immigration solicitors today. We are based in Dublin but act on behalf of clients across the country. We can confirm whether you are facing an unreasonable delay in the processing of your naturalisation application, and what you can do about it. You could be entitled to start Judicial Review proceedings.

What is a Judicial Review?

A Judicial Review is when you ask the High Court to review the decision-making processes of a lower court or administrative body – which in your case would be the immigration service.

How will a Judicial Review help me?

When you make a Judicial Review, a judge will determine whether the actions of the immigration service are lawful or unlawful. If they are deemed unlawful, a judge can order the immigration service to make a decision in your case.

Where Judicial Review proceedings are initiated, the applicant may find that their application is suddenly expedited, with a decision being given within a matter of weeks.

Either way, taking legal action will help to finalise your application.

Irish immigration solicitors

We are hearing from increasing numbers of people whose naturalisation applications are stuck in the system. If you are one of them, contact us at RNL Solicitors to discuss your options. If we believe that the delay in processing your application is unlawful, we can bring Judicial Review proceedings on your behalf. We sympathise with clients in this situation, and fully comprehend the stress and anxiety you are currently facing. We will do everything we can to accelerate the processing time of your application.

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Delayed naturalisation applications – quick facts:

How long does a naturalisation application take in Ireland?

The Department of Justice updates the current processing times on its website. It is not unusual for applicants to wait up to two years for a decision.

At what point can I bring a Judicial Review?

You can bring a Judicial Review if the processing of your application is subject to unlawful delays. The exact amount of time you can reasonably expect to wait varies from case to case. We recommend that you contact us if your application has exceeded the normal processing time and you have not been given a valid reason for the delay.

Do I have to pay for a Judicial Review?

You do have to pay for a Judicial Review. However, if you win your case, then the other side may be told to cover your costs.

Is your naturalisation application pending?

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