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If your personal data has been breached, we can help you pursue a claim for compensation. This allows you to recover your financial losses. You can also obtain damages for any non-material distress that has been caused.

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Businesses and organisations have a legal duty to protect your personal data. This includes things such as your bank details, health information, log-in details, biometrics and passport numbers. It also includes details such as your race, ethnicity, sexuality and political beliefs.

If your data has been breached and you have suffered as a result, then you are entitled to pursue a civil claim. This sees that you are properly compensated for the damage that has been caused. Your settlement will reflect your financial losses, your reputational damage and any psychological harm that you have experienced.

If you think your data has been unlawfully breached, our GDPR data protection solicitors can help you. We will advise whether you have a solid basis for a claim. If so, we can manage the process on your behalf, working to achieve a swift and successful resolution.

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What is a data breach?

When you provide your personal data to a company, they become controllers of your data.  They have a legal responsibility to ensure that it is kept secure and used only for the lawful purpose it was initially intended. It must not be kept for longer than is necessary, and certain categories of data should be encrypted.

If a business or organisation fails to take the necessary measures to protect your data, then confidential, sensitive or protected information may be shared and/or viewed without your permission. This is a data breach.

Data protection breach claims

The laws surrounding data protection are governed by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These rules were introduced in May 2018. They apply to all businesses and organisations that handle an EU citizen’s data, even if they are not based in the European Union.

A data breach can cause serious and unwelcome consequences, including identity theft, fraud, reputational damage, humiliation and significant financial losses. If this has happened to you, the law determines that you are entitled to compensation.

We recommend asking a GDPR data protection solicitor to handle a data protection claim on your behalf. 

Who is responsible for the data breach?

It is amazing how many individuals, businesses and organisations hold information about you. Employers, online retailers and your doctor: they all know confidential details that you would probably prefer to keep a secret. A data breach can happen in any number of ways, and a claim may be made against any number of professionals, companies or institutions.

Amongst others, the party responsible for your data breach could be a:

  • Bank or credit union
  • GP surgery or hospital
  • Hotel
  • Airline
  • Trade union
  • University, college or school
  • Social media company or tech company
  • Employer
  • Solicitor
  • Accountant

At RNL Solicitors, we are experienced at dealing with all kinds of data breach compensation claims. We will identify the party at fault, establishing how and why the data breach occurred. Using this information, we can confirm whether the responsible party failed to meet their legal duty, paving the way for a GDPR claim.

Data protection breach compensation

Individuals and organisations can both claim compensation for data breaches. You are entitled to claim compensation for a data breach if:

  1. You are living within the EU; and
  2. You experienced a data breach; and
  3. You suffered as a result of the breach, be it material or non-material damages

Data breach compensation amounts

No two claims are the same. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the extent of damage that has been caused. The law provides compensation for both material and non-material damages. Your material damages cover your financial losses, while your non-material damages reflect things such as the injury to your feelings.

If you are suffering from distress, anxiety or worry as a result of a data breach, you may be able to claim compensation to pay for any private treatment that you might require, such as counselling. It is also possible to claim if the breach has caused you a recognised psychological condition, or has had a general effect on your domestic or social life.

At RNL Solicitors, we will consider every aspect of your damages, taking the time to uncover the true value of your claim. This ensures you receive the maximum possible settlement. We are highly skilled negotiators and will fight on your behalf to get the justice you deserve.

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